Superbru onboard for #WRWC2014

(IRB.COM) Tuesday 22 July 2014
 Superbru onboard for #WRWC2014
Thousands of fans have already signed up to Superbru for this year's WRWC

SuperBru and Women's Rugby World Cup have teamed up to bring you an exciting predictor game for this year's tournament.

Rugby fans can predict winners and winning margins for each fixture in a round, and will win points according to how close they come to the actual result.  Challenge your friends or work colleagues in a private league, take on other fans of the sport and follow all the action as it unfolds in France.

Tournament Director Philippe Bourdarias said: “Working with SuperBru has been a great boost for our tournaments, with 30,000 people signing up to take part in this year's IRB Junior World Championship.”

“It’s easy to sign up to SuperBru, so make sure you get involved to add even more excitement to this year’s Women's Rugby World Cup.”

SuperBru is not a betting site and no money changes hands. It only takes a few minutes every week and fans can get involved with the action on and sign up before kick off on Friday, August 1 when the first pool matches get underway.