Reaction from Women's RWC 2014 decision

(IRB.COM) Thursday 30 June 2011
 Reaction from Women's RWC 2014 decision
Players from England, New Zealand, France and Ireland join RWCL Chairman Bernard Lapasset, FRR President Pierre Camou and IRB Women's Development Manager Susan Carty - Photo: Isabelle Picarel

Read all the best quotes and reaction from those involved following the announcement that France will host the next Women's Rugby World Cup in 2014, following on from the successful and ground breaking tournament in 2010 in England.

Marie-Alice Yahe, France captain: “Hosting the Women's Rugby World Cup in France is something we're all very proud and excited about. Organising and putting on an event of this size will be an enormous boost for the development of the women's game in France.
“It will also give a new profile to an area of rugby that's not received much media coverage up until now. It will be the first time that many people get the chance to look through our shop window and see top quality international women's rugby and that can only develop and bring more players into our women's game, which is very important. It will do so much to take us forward into the future.”

Bernard Lapasset, RWCL Chairman: "In awarding the seventh Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014 to the FFR, we felt that the tournament would be ideally positioned to capitalise on the phenomenal success of Women’s Rugby World Cup 2010 and elevate the Women’s Game to new heights.

“The Fédération Française de Rugby has considerable experience of hosting major international Rugby tournaments, highlighted by the success of Rugby World Cup 2007 and with world-class facilities, strong tournament management and infrastructure and an extensive and enthusiastic support base for Women’s Rugby, it is perfectly positioned to host a memorable and ultimately successful Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014.”

Philippe Bourdarias, Women's RWC Tournament Director: "For the FFR this is a very important achievement, it is a sign of their will to develop rugby. The Women's Rugby World Cup is very important for Women's Rugby.

"The tournament in England in 2010 was extremely successful, we had a full stadium for the final and we had huge TV coverage, and only a few countries are able to match that standard around the world and France is one of them. The FFR is extremely motivated to deliver a very high standard tournament and it is a very good thing for us to be going to France and for them to have these two tournaments back to back."


Maggie Alphonsi, England: "I think France is a rugby nation, so to have it in a country like that is good for the Women’s Game. The last Women’s Rugby World Cup was in England and we did a good job and France is another big rugby nation which means we can only build on that. In  2010 we had a huge following, we were on TV in 127 countries, and we had big crowds in England and I think it can only get bigger in Paris.

"After the tournament I managed to get a lot of awards and recognition from it, but women’s rugby got so much exposure and that was the best thing. 2010 did a lot for the game and in 2014 we can hopefully get even more recognition. The more media opportunities we get the better it is as people can see what we can really do. It’s getting bigger and bigger.  

"My aim is to help the women’s game get bigger and better and I hope by 2014 that more people follow the Game.  Obviously my ultimate aim is to win the WRWC in 2014 and get more recognition for the Game."

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Stephanie Te Ohare-Fox, New Zealand player: "From the feedback from the girls they said they have had more rugby teams entered into their schools and the general interest in the public, with girls noticing them from the TV and the games having come up to them, has grown. They did some profiling to get themselves out there so it is good to promote it. Women's Rugby in New Zealand has definitely uplifted since the World Cup."

Katy Mclean, England captain: “The World Cup in 2010 was a major success for the women's game, helping to raise the profile of the game to new levels. As a player it was a great event and an amazing experience. It certainly set the standard for future events and really I just can’t wait for it all to begin again.

“I hope that in three years time I will still be captaining England - there is no greater honour than captaining your country at a world cup. And of course after finishing second at the last two world cups we want to go one better. Any team entering a world cup wants to win and we are no different. We need to keep building on our performances and ensure that we are fully prepared. It’s a long time off yet and we have other important challenges ahead first but at the end of the day we are all looking towards 2014."